Help your child get an A/A* in A-Level Biology In 12 Weeks! – Get Into Medicine, Denistry & Vet Science With Our Bio-Brilliance Method



Help Your Child Get An A/A* in A-Level Biology In The Next 12 Weeks To Secure A Place To Study Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary or Biomedical Sciences At Their Dream Uni

Using My Signature 4 Step 'Bio-Brilliance Method' That I've Developed Over The Last 12 Years As An Experienced Examiner, Teacher & Tutor

With My Process Your Child Will:

  • Master exam questions that are often not understood, rushed in school or not shown in textbooks
  • Enjoy lessons again in school as they'll be able to keep up in class
  • Know how to study biology with a structure so they're not stressed
  • Make faster progress with their revision and be supported until their exams
  • Improve memory retention due to mastering the fundamentals & having thorough practise
  • Finish the exam paper faster giving them more time to check work and eliminate any misconceptions
  • Get higher predicted grades for their UCAS applications, so they can apply for medicine, dentistry, veterinary & biomedical sciences.
  • Be able to jump 2-3 grades quickly by mastering the toughest topics in the spec  
  • Build a better CV and stand out as securing top grades can alter their career paths

Here's What Our Students Are Saying

Meghan Went From D to an A*

•Meghan did well in triple science at GCSE. She did A-Level because she thought Biology was going to be easy because she enjoyed it.

•However, when she started A-Levels:

•She thought she could continue with the same habits that she had during GCSE

•She didn’t know how to prioritise learning and her memory retention was letting her down

•She couldn’t apply her knowledge to exam questions and found that the mark schemes didn't help her enough when it came to assessing where she was.

•She was trying to cram everything in and getting really frustrated

Josh Jumped Up 2 Grades & Got Into His First Choice Uni

•Josh found the transition between GCSE and A-Level tough

•He didn't have a strong grasp of the core concepts

•He couldn't apply his knowledge to exam questions

What Makes This Different?

The Problems With The Old Way Of Learning A-Level Biology

  • PROBLEM 1: School isn't enough





Problem 1: School Isn't Enough

There are many exceptional teachers out there, but when class sizes are too large, it becomes challenging for your child to receive the support they require.

Not everyone in school may have the same motivation to succeed, and being in such an environment might not be beneficial for your child's learning.

At times, your child may struggle to connect with their current teacher, which can make learning biology a less enjoyable experience.

Your child might also be missing out on the in-depth explanations needed to fully grasp key concepts in Biology from their teacher. Additionally, important and challenging questions are often left as homework, but these are precisely the questions that they need to practice to build confidence in the subject.

The solution is simple: they need to work with an outside expert who will guide them with a heavy exam focus. Drawing from many years of teaching in a grammar school, five years of experience as an examiner, and 12 years of teaching, I know precisely what is required for success. Reach out today, and together, we'll create a study plan to help your child make remarkable progress, jumping 2-3 grades in A-Level Biology.

Introducing The New Way. The Bio-Brilliance Method

Here's The Unique 4 Step Process To Achieve Top Grades In Biology

  • Step 1) Identify Knowledge Gaps & Close Them Immediately - When I work with you we diagnose your current situation and provide you with an action plan to make fast progress
  • Step 2) Master The Core Topics That Produce The Most Marks In The Exam - when you focus on what matters, you'll see a huge increase in your grades.
  • Step 3) Lightning Fast Knowledge Recognition - when you learn through my teaching With multiple quizzes and Interactive Q&As, you will Be razor sharp at knowing what you must do
  • Step 4) Effortlessly Master Exam Questions - you'll have constant exposure to tough exam questions omitted in books & rushed in school

This process is delivered with our live lessons, exam classes, drop in help sessions, strategic 1:1 calls, weekly homeworks, our interactive learning portal, unlimited support and so much more... 

When Students Go Through Our Process They Will Become

  • Confident In Other Pursuits Of Life As they'll hit Academic success that They Once Thought Was out of reach
  • independent problem solvers helping them in university & the work place
  • Success Driven to conquer their goals
  • disciplined with a strong work ethic paving the way for successful habits
  • Organised & Less stressed As They Will Have A Structure & Exams Will Be Easy.

Parents, Please Read

As a parent, you always want the best for your child. You see other kids getting into top universities, studying subjects like Medicine, Dentistry, Biomedical & Veterinary Sciences, and you want the same opportunities for your child's future.

You're worried about the knowledge gaps your child has. Perhaps at the start of year 12 in their first initial parents evening, you were informed that they didn't get the core topics.

As the year went by the course become even more challenging for them. They come home from school assessments feeling disheartened about their progress, which greatly affects their confidence.

Do you hear your child telling you that the jump from GCSE to A-Level Biology is huge?

Perhaps your child claims they understand the topic, but can't seem to translate that to exam questions, where they actually need to apply their knowledge?

Your child may feel like they're working very hard, writing a lot of notes, but what they'll find is that they can't actually visualise what's going on.

This is especially true for cellular topics where you can't see it! It can make your son/daughter feel disillusioned, overwhelmed, and hinder them from trying to understand it, as it can be extremely complex and overwhelming.

The pressure for students to perform is ridiculous. Most university places require A*A*A. Everything is getting very competitive. So, it's crucial as a parent to ensure that your child has the best head start.

Getting good grades in A-Level Biology opens up many opportunities for the future.

So, making necessary changes now is crucial to ensure they are fully prepared for their A-Level exams. It could enable them to become a doctor, a dentist, a vet, or work in the sciences. The opportunity is huge.

About The Founder, Clare Foreman

That's where I come in to help. My name is Clare Foreman, and I've been teaching since 2011, from comprehensive schools to grammar schools, and tutoring since 2012.

I have also been working as a Biology examiner for  the past five years, so Biology is like second nature to me. It's in my DNA!

My approach involves truly understanding the material and guiding students through questions of varying difficulty, from easy to challenging exam questions. With cumulative & quiz-based learning, I ensure long-term memory retention and a thorough understanding with a heavy exam focus. This way you enjoy the process and be able to tackle any question throw at you. 

I teach students in a way that impresses examiners, ensuring they secure every possible mark. Having seen what gets full marks and what doesn't for different exam boards, this approach makes them 100 times more confident in Biology and provides them with the best support throughout their journey.

If you're interested in our A* Biology Accelerator Programme to help your child go from D/C to A/A* in Biology as quickly as possible, while still having time for other subjects and enjoying weekends, click the button below to start your application today

Ready To Help Your Child Achieve An A/A* in A-Level Biology In The Next 12 Weeks

Using My Signature 4 Step 'Bio-Brilliance Method' That I've Developed Over The Last 12 Years As An Experienced Examiner, Teacher & Tutor

Frequently Asked Questions From Parents & Students

Is Online Learning Right For My Child?

Yes absolutely. Students are always using technology. So let's use them to help them with their studies rather than distract them. 

Is This 1:1 or Group?

Imagine two athletes preparing for a major competition.

Athlete A only practices once or twice a week, with no record of their training progress and no clear plan to enhance their skills.

On the other hand, Athlete B practices 3-5 times a week, keeps track of their training sessions and improvements, and follows a well-structured training program designed to target their weaknesses and improve their performance.

It's evident that Athlete B is likely to perform better in the competition.

Similarly, in our tutoring service, we offer a winning combination of small group and 1:1 support. This ensures that students have a clear plan to follow, like Athlete B's well-structured training program, and they can receive individual help during the week to address any weak areas in their understanding, just like Athlete B's targeted practice sessions. This approach sets them up for success and guarantees better performance in their academic journey.

What Is The Investment Required?

We would need to evaluate your child's situation to see if we can help before making an offer, as our programs are accessed via invitation-only. This is to ensure that our process aligns with your needs and for us to be confident that we can actually help you. Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice.

What Makes This Different?

My expertise and experience which has led to the creation of my 4-step Bio-Brilliance process. When you pick a time to speak with me you'll be able to learn about this process is even more detail. Click the button above to learn more. 

What Is Your Experience?

I have been teaching and tutoring for well over 10 years and have been an examiner for A-Level Biology for the last 5 years. I'm extremely confident in what I do, and I'd be be happy to see if I can help your child with their A-Level Biology.

Do you offer GSCE Biology Help?

You're in luck. We do. 

Helping Students Have A Successful Future By Scoring Top Grades In Biology

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