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Yes! I want to make sure I can maintain the quality of teaching and provide my expertise and guidance from my years as a teacher, tutor and examiner. 


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✅ Ensure you have watched the ALL the training videos before your call on this page. In this video you'll learn our 4 step Bio-Brilliance method to help your child achieve a grade A in A-level/GCSE Biology. This will help you understand a little bit about "how" we help students get great results. 

✅ We understand you might have questions about choosing the right tutor for your child. Please prepare all questions before hand.

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✅ Please make sure that you join the zoom call on your laptop/computer, are in a quiet room and do not take the call from your car or any other noisy place. The better the environment, the better our time together.

✅ Please ensure you attend the call with your child & partner. We want everyone to be present so they can see how we can help. 

✅ If you have any questions before or after your call, please send me an email:

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I look forward to helping you get top grades in A-Level/GCSE Biology and achieve massive success!

- Clare Foreman

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